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[Voice]What is life in LOCALIFE like(Mat・LOCALIFE Shinjuku)

Living in a share house is probably the best way to live in Japan - that is, if you like not having to buy furniture, and getting friends for free. It’s way easier than dealing with the Japanese housing market and you can save some money. That was the mindset I had when I came to Japan, and true to prediction my first share house was a lot of fun.

Actually, it was too much fun, and I had to move out. “I’m here to study,” I had to remind myself mid-shot. What I needed was the balance, and that’s how I moved into Localife Shinjuku.

Map of the world we drew on the living room wall

It turned out to be a great decision – Localife Shinjuku has a relaxed atmosphere, friendly housemates, and fun lifestyle without being overwhelming. It’s well-designed, with small touches like the couches in the living room arranged concentrically, encouraging socializing.

The location is also brilliant - the view from the roof of the Shinjuku skyline is startling. You can even see Tokyo Tower lit up in the distance.

A takoyaki party at the house

The most interesting aspect of the share house though is the Couchsurfing. We regularly host Couchsurfers from around the world in the guest room. That’s right - almost an unlimited number of people ready and willing to be introduced to the wonders of all-you-can-drink karaoke. And they bring gifts and snacks too. Not bad. The frequent changeovers of guests goes a long way to keeping the Localife experience fresh and dynamic.

This article was written by Mat from UK, a few months after he moved into the house.

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