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[Voice]Absolutely unique, enriching, and gratifying experience(Jill・LOCALIFE Shinjuku)

A bit more than a year ago, I left LOCALIFE Shinjuku – and my last night was easily one of the hardest Good-Bye Sessions I ever had to go through. It felt like I was leaving family.

When I moved into room #2 in August 2015, I was its first tenant. I had already read on Couchsurfing about Yuta’s and Ken’s idea to open a share house dedicated to hosting international guests and travellers in March, but as fortune has it, we never quite managed to sync up our schedules and meet up.

Finally, in late July 2015, I got to visit the house during a party, the housemates were hosting and I instantly decided: “This is where I want to live!

After going through the adventure of prematurely cancelling the contract to my previous apartment, I could move into LOCALIFE Shinjuku. I spend almost one year there until, in July 2016, it was time to move back to Europe. This time, however, I will never forget!

We had guests visit us from all over the world, staying sometimes for a night, and sometimes for weeks. All of them shared their unique stories with us, so every day I was able to learn more about this world and the people in it. And even when it was ‘just us roommates’ – which happened ever so rarely – we had an amazing time. We would have dinner together in the living room, watch a movie, make travel plans, discuss each other’s lives or host a party with all of our friends.

Living in a Share House like LOCALIFE Shinjuku is an absolutely unique, enriching, and gratifying experience. It is a year that I will cherish forever and I wish that, whoever finds their way into room #2 next, will carry forward this idea of sharing life and joy.

This article was written by Jill from Germany, more than a year she moved out from the house.

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